Financial Advisor Referral System for Loan Officers

Financial Advisor Referral System

Close more loans from financial advisors.

Top Three Reasons to Work with Advisors:

1: You’ll Get High-Quality Referrals and Better Lead Conversion Rates.

Referrals from financial advisors are likely to be the highest quality referrals you’re going to get. Here’s why:

  • Unlike real estate agent referrals, clients pay for advice from financial planners and are therefore more likely to follow it.
  • Financial advisors don’t give out 3 names. They give out one name: yours.

This means that when you receive a referral from a financial advisor, you’re more likely to turn that lead into a closed loan vs. getting a referral from any other lead source.

2: Financial Advisors Don’t Work Weekends.


This means they won’t expect you to work weekends either!

3: You Have Much Less Competition.

Do you know any good real estate agents who don’t have an existing LO relationship or who don’t have LO’s calling them incessantly? This is particularly true for the really great agents! You may have a great value proposition for Realtors, but it will be extremely hard to break through given all the other LO’s vying for their attention.

On the other hand, financial advisors typically don’t have a great relationship with a loan officer and LO’s are generally not calling them incessantly for business. This means that working with financial advisors is a wide-open opportunity with very little competition.


Get Online Coaching and Proven Templates from $100mm Producer, Craig Strent

Part 1: Let’s Prepare!


  • 1:
    The resources you need to work with advisors
  • 2:
    The loan process you need to work with advisors
  • 3:
    How to create a “Mortgages Under Management” System
  • 4:
    Glossary of terms and key concepts to work with advisors
  • 5:
    How to identify the right type of advisor and target your focus
  • 6:
    How to build your list of advisors
  • 7:
    Top mortgage planning strategies to use with advisors (what to talk about)
  • 8:
    How to prepare your presentation book

Part 2: Let’s Do It!


  • 9:
    How to get the advisor meeting
  • 10:
    How to prepare for the advisor meeting
  • 11:
    How to conduct the advisor meeting
  • 12:
    How to follow-up after the meeting to get better results

Part 3: How to Handle the Business


  • 13:
    How to Handle a Client Referral from an Advisor
  • 14:
    What to do when the loan closes

Bonus Modules: Go Big or Go Home!


  • 15:
    How to Organize a CE Class
  • 16:
    How to Market a CE Class
  • 17:
    How to Teach a CE Class
  • 18:
    How to Follow-up After a CE Class and Generate More Referrals
Todd Swanson
Craig's training changed how I talk with Financial Advisors by changing what we talk about. His material pulls back the curtain on how advisors think and what problems they have that we can solve.  The training literally gave me the language that Financial planners use, thus enabling me to speak to their problems using their own vernacular.  Highly impactful and well worth the money!
Daniel Williams
I thought I knew quite a bit about pursuing Financial Advisors as referral partners and working with them as well. Then I began working with Craig and his Financial Advisor Referral System. I was blown away by how much more I needed to know. Not only did I get a 30,000-foot view of working with financial advisors, but I also got tactics and strategies that I've been able to implement. The Financial Advisor Referral System has helped me consistently grow my business!
Andy Schwartz
I went through this program on how to pursue business from financial advisors. This was a big leap for me because I’ve never paid anyone for advice before, but Craig did not disappoint. He taught me how to speak their language and implement systems that bring value to advisors and their clients where other LO’s do not. Highly recommended if you’re serious about cultivating relationships in that sector.

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1 Loan.

Invest the commission from one loan in yourself to make hundreds of thousands in commissions after you implement the system.

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Option 2: Payment Plan


(12-month commitment)