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Get your 2022 business plan and new StorySelling skills to convert more leads in today’s super-competitive market!


Topics Include:

  • 1:
    Intro to StorySelling
    How to use StorySelling to articulate your unique value in today’s fiercely competitive market
  • 2:
    Is There a Housing Bubble?
    How to address common concerns and objections about today’s market. Includes a side-by-side comparison between today’s market and past bubbles.
  • 3:
    Will House Prices Go Up or Down?
    How to understand and illustrate the top demographic trends impacting house prices and housing inventory.
  • 4:
    What's Your Rate?
    How to convert more buyers and illustrate the top three economic trends that will drive interest rates in the coming months.
  • 5:
    Should I Wait to Buy or Sell?
    How to illustrate the cost of waiting for home buyers and home sellers.
  • 6:
    How to Use StorySelling to Beat Your Competition and Grow Your Business
    How to generate and convert more leads by telling more effective stories about today’s housing market.
Jeff Taylor
This course gave me a ton of information on how to overcome objections on the buyer side and the seller side. The data points and illustrations are going to be huge for my business!
Cindy Nguyen
You're really missing out if you don't come to this event! The biggest thing I got was the storytelling piece. Now I can actually break it down and easily explain it to my clients!
Jimmy Chang
It's really good to see the numbers and see the graphs and the pictures, especially with what's going on in today's market. The insights and storytelling model I learned in this class helps me be a better Realtor. I definitely recommend it!


Learn new ways to generate more listings, convert more buyers and grow your real estate business. Plus, get up to 3 hours of CE credit in your state!

Loan Officers:

Learn new ways to convert more borrowers and grow your mortgage business. Plus, get up to 3 hours of credit toward your CMPS® designation.

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